I want to find the kind of love my friend gave me?

Of course I knew we were sd /sb but we fell in love with each other after a while, he confessed it first saying that " Your dangerous for me" and when I asked what that meant he said " a girl like you is too easy to fall in love with". One night we were laying together and he was telling me that I was the greatest and i said " yeah but you said I'm too young for you" and he went on to say that I am too young (31 yer difference) but he then told me he was in love with me. Anyway he treated me like a true lady, listened to me, we always had something to talk about, supported me and just made me feel whole again. When I'm done crying over my lover and the hurt is gone, i want to find a love like that again. Is there a certain way to find it and not settle for less?

and if you think I'm silly for feeling this way for loving a man close to my dads age.. go ahead


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  • You found a guy that met all your "requirements" in a partner. Unfortunately he was quite older. That happens to many people. You were not looking for someone older. But he was perfect in every other way, and you ignored the age difference and fell for him. Most people would see the age difference and choose to pass up the relationship. You saw the age difference but saw that he was great enough to ignore the ages and to spend that part of your life with him.

    You knew that eventually his age would take him from you, but you saw that being with him for the time that would be allowed to you was better than passing on that love because it would be cut short. You had some time with him and you will have that memory forever.

    You will meet many men, and it is possible that none of them will ever quite measure up to your memory of this one. But you will need to learn that some of the new men will offer just as much as he did, though maybe not in the same ways. The trick is to learn which men those will be, and to allow one of them that special place in your life. He will not be the same, but you are not trying to find a "replacement". You are looking for someone who will leave that memory with you, and add a new memory that will be just as wonderful.

    Don't pass up guys who are not as great in the same ways. Look at each one as an individual. Don't settle for something less, but don't expect the same. There will be great guys, but you will have to see that they are great, and accept them even though they will be different. And among those men, you will find another man who will fill your heart with love and make your life complete.

    My best wishes to you in finding that man.


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  • A love like that just happens. It's not something we can actively look for or plan on finding. In my case I believe it was a once in a lifetime thing.

    I guess my best advice is don't settle for less. Keep living, looking and dating if the right one comes along then you hit the jackpot. If it doesn't don't settle for just anything keep going. You may never find it again but you'll never know unless you keep trying.


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  • Just exactly what you said. When the time comes, go in with love in your heart and free of fear and dont settle for anything less than what you need from the relationship x You will find love again sweetheart