What should I do?

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I've become closer to my female friend over the last few months i developed feelings for her and she found out but we never talked about i just automatically assumed i was in the friendzone and probably still am but when we're alone together i just feel this chemistry between us that i've never felt before and we have agreed that we are essentially the same person she is a very busy girl works two jobs and goes to school part time and she always finds time to spend with me we usually cook together she has become close with my grandmother and great aunt and talks to my sister on facebook so i know she cares about me to say the least the other night we were making a cake for my friend who is moving away and we were being very playful in the kitchen there was a lot of touching going on and a lot of eye contact where i think if i had made a move something might have happened but i always stop myself because i know she has mentioned before in the past that she likes being single here's the kicker though when we were leaving my grandmothers house i thought my car was dead it wasn't but she said oh well i mean spending the night here wouldn't have been so bad i dont know what to do with this one i consider her to be one of my best friends but i dont know what she wants in her life she is very indecisive when it comes to the romance dept but it also feels like when we're together that we are already dating should i just continue keeping things simple i dont want to push her away


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  • Have an honest conversation, state your emotions, ask her what she wants. 2 outcomes 1. You enter a relationship 2. If you have a strong friendship (it seems like you do) then you stay friends. But you will never find out until you have the talk.