Should I text my boyfriend 1st although he's the one that hurt me with his harsh and inconsiderate words?

He was mad at me because im close with his 2 guy friend and i dont know which one of them said that theh wish num their girlfriend. And 1 of them which is J even told him that i cooked and bring him the food and he would come and bring me food bla bla. Which is untrue and yes he did bring me food once but he did told my boyfriend.. And last week i cooked his country food which is i cooked foe the 1st time so i bright to college so that he can taste it but he said he dont want.. Because his friends knows about the soup. And he dont want announced soup. After that few days we didn't talk and then we okay after few days then the dag he came back to school we met and i told him i ask his friend to keep the soup in his fridge and ask him to eat later and suddenly he bocome cold and treat me like i did smthng wrong. And he said he won't eat it and i said i will be upset he said i dont care. And few harsh words. Im so hurt by what he said. I dont understand cause he was okay before and suddenly change.. What did i do again... Please anyone help.. I dont want to text him 1st but i feel like i need to...


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  • He doesn't want 'announced' soup? How about you give him an unannounced slap in the face?

    Don't contact him, he;s rude and inconsiderate and also very jealous!

    • Yes i was upset and very mad.. But i dont know how to react. I told him ur words are hurtful but he doesn't reply me. And the bext day he text me like nothing happened and after that 2days didn't talk to me... he's very rude..

    • The old face slap would be appropriate

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