Girls, Flower for a first date?

I've got a date coming up this Friday and i'm wanting to give her a flower - i'm not going to give her a bouquet as i agree that is quite awkward.

I'm not sure i'm going to be able to find out her favourite flower before then without giving away m, y intention. So i'm looking for a safeguard as it were, i was thinking a Iris or maybe a Daisy

Giving a girl a flower on the first date it part of what makes me... me - i know that flowers on a first date is something tricky to pull off. It's why i only give a single flower


I'm wondering what flower to give the girl


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  • Im a florist and honestly, i think leave it till the second date. I get this all the time. Then when it comes to the second date get a mixed bunch of flowers. Dont go roses, girls freak out. X

  • Id say Rose or orchid...

    • Wouldn't you find a rose rather cliche? Also aren't Orchids known as "death flowers"?

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    • Yeah i know, but the views certainly help

    • Of course.

  • But what is the question...

    • I'm wondering what flower i should give the girl

    • :) just don't do orchids or lilies. Sure someone told me they're a symbol for death...

    • Yeah that's what i heard as well