24 necer had a relationship?

I know its out of the norm... but i necer a relationship. I've been living for 19.5 years but i am 24. My life started at 16.5/17 but i was too shy to date before that i was physically ill. It took a toll on my self- esteem. Like who would want a sick girl? Also a lot of family problems led me to have no support system and which guy would want to date me? At 24 its beggining to worry me especially since im a virgin also (i was a christian who didn't believe in dating)


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  • your math doesn't make sense.
    there are guys that would date a sick girl, but probably not that many. I've known a few and I have. church would be your best hope of finding someone like that... but it is no longer a problem for you physically.
    mentally... change your thinking. Read the book "mind as healer, mind as slayer". Pray and talk to God daily, read the Bible.. do you do that? That should be a self esteem and confidence boost.
    Stop worrying... worrying is thinking about things in the past you cannot change and things in the future you cannot influence. deal with the right now and you will be much better off. It will take work to change your thinking. Read the book "Change your life in 7 days".
    Doing anything to improve yourself should help.

    I am sorry you don't have a good support system, that is a big impact on you emotionally. all human beings need love and support from others. Find some good people at church and good friends that love you (care about you).

    honestly stay away from boys for 5 years... forget about them, get your self esteem boosted first... men will just use a woman like y

    • Why? Use me?

    • why what?
      Everyone is selfish until they mature and learn to love people. Guys at your age, unless they are very well raised by two good parents and learned, are selfish... and have strong drives for sex. they don't understand it at that age, they just know they want women. Add to that they are not mature and many guys will take advantage of a woman, any woman, with low self esteem. Your self esteem is your sense of self worth... if you don't think you are worth much, it is hard for someone else to think more of you other than those who love you.

      What you want is someone to give to you... I think... and that takes a mature person, or Godly one. Girls need to have high self esteem (self worth) and hold boundaries to protect your inner self.

      make sense?

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  • How can you live but be born a different time?
    And we'll if your a Christian and don't believe in dating then how would you meet anyone or even worry about it...

    • I was ill for like 4.5 years so it was impossoble to 'live' at that time

    • Well if they're worth it they'll understand

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  • I've never had a relationship, and I'm 28.

    Yes, I do worry about it at times.

    We're not the only ones like this, so, no, it's not out of the norm.

    We're human, life happens, enjoy the ride while it lasts (even when it does get difficult at times).


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  • Your math is way off and makes no sense. Plus guys aren't gonna date a girl who post so many things whining about her family and life. It's not cute

  • that is okay. you will find one someday