Would you lend a book to a girl you don't intend to see again?

Went on 6 dates over 2 weeks, he introduced me to his friend. I also slept over night but we didn't go all the way. Last time I saw him at his place I saw a book that interest me he said I can take it home to read it. When I wasn't looking he put the book into my handbag to make sure I take it.

He said I would enjoy reading it.

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  • No, I want my book back! People not returning books is already too much of an issue as it is!


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  • Could Very well he Wanted to 'Lend' you this Book to Look... So Sometime when you have Finished it, you both Can Share what you Read in Bed.
    Good luck and Thanks for Sharing. xx

    • What does that mean? You meant he wNts me to read it so we can have sex?

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    • Could be he is backing off a bit, may feel things are going speed dial a bit fast. I always tell everyone go slow with any Joe, it is easy for anyone to get cold duck feet and begin to distance themselves. xx

    • Thank you, sis, for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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  • yes ofc


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  • From your description, it doesn't sound like he doesn't intend on seeing you again... Six dates in two weeks is pretty significant. Plus meeting friends is a good sign too. Something may have come up, you never know.

    • I hope it wasn't just the thrill of the chase made him introduce me to his friend

  • Send him a text telling him you've finished it and would like to return it over dinner or something.
    If it is over, write a cute note and put it inside the book hoping he'd find it. Like in that film Serendipity with John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale.

    • Haven't finished it lol I probably should get on that first

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    • So you want to finish the book rather than try and to reconnect with him?

    • I like to do both

  • Why do you think he'll break it off?

    • Because he used to text me everyday through out the day. I haven't heard from him for 3 days now

    • Have you tried texting him first? If you haven't he may think you're not as interested in him as he is in you and it trying to test you. you could try it?

    • Yes I tried once. I just did it again to reconfirm the date. His reply was short...

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