I've never kissed anyone but am sort of seeing someone... worried i'm gonna be a bad kisser?

I've started seeing this guy, and he seems to like me a lot, easily as much as i like him and i've never kissed anyone before, he didn't kiss me when i met him cause he wasn't sure how i'd react so now i'm nervous about kissing him next time i see him (which is soon) and i'm worried i'm going to be a bad kisser just cause i've never kissed anyone, is that a turn off or is it something people worry about a lot? i'm 19, he's 21 and definitely isn't without experience


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  • No don't even bother worrying about this.
    He knows this will be your first kiss. he will be totally fine with it. In fact even he could find it cute.
    Every person kisses different. I kissed bunch guys.. Lol some uses tongue too much, others not, Like it's really about the connection you two having, feeling about each other than the 'skill, technique'. I let the guy lead the kiss. just let him lead you and go with the flow.
    don't worry about it at all. Like I said it's the connection you two having.

  • Surly he would understand if your a little inexperienced. Just think that everyone has been at the stage where they think they're terrible when in reality they are doing just fine. So do stress about it. This guy may even show you how he likes it since everyone's kissing preferences could be different

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