My friends with benefits wants more?

So we've been friends with benefits on and off for two and a half years. Recently we stopped talking as he did something to upset me.
a few months ago, he said that he wanted to be with me then a week later said that he never said that.
i messaged him the other day wishing him a happy birthday, turns out he's on holiday. He told me that he loves talking to me and wants more.
I've wanted more in the past, but after not seeing him for a while I don't know what I want. I'm waiting for him to get back so we can talk properly. What should I do? I'm really confused :(


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  • Hash it out. This is just another example of the illusion of Friends with Benefits. It always ends up that one person wants more.

  • Geez, what a horrible way to develop a relationship. It all makes you look so desperate, and cheap.

    • If you actually knew me... You wouldn't be calling me those things. He's the second guy I've been with, girls my age these days would've been with over 10 guys!

    • Uh, no, you've already said what you needed to say to make that discernment. And hence your total confusion.
      The number of guys other women these days have been with is absolutely irrelevant.

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