Is it appropriate to ask if a girl has no interest?

Okay so lets say I ask out a girl, and her response is NOT "Sorry I have a boyfriend" or "Sorry I only like you as a friend". Because obviously I won't bother, and I'll move on, from girls that say that.

So I am asking about when I get responses like "I can't date right now because of XYZ" or basically any indirect excuse.

Do you think its appropriate, in a NON PUSHY way, to ask a girl something such as "Are you honestly just not interested, or is it really because of (her excuse)? I PROMISE I won't be offended if you say 'sorry I only like you as a friend'. I'm just not tryna get my hopes up ya know?"

Cause like a lot of guys, I've hung around girls that gave indirect rejections and end up heart broken or wasting a loooong time.


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  • I'm not a fan of accusing a girl of being a liar after she politely rejects you.

    If she gives that sort of reason, then take it to mean she's not interested in you. Most of the time, if the right guy came along, the girl would make time for it despite her other circumstances.

    • Don't get the wrong idea, i'm not calling her a liar. It's just that girls give indirect excuses to politely reject a guy, because some guys DO act psycho after rejection. and I get that. but i also wanna know too if she really means her answer, or if she just has zero interest

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    • Like if he asks you out, all you have to do is say "Sorry I only like you as a friend" which guys will interpret as no chance. I'm not asking you to say "Sorry I don't like your race". Does this make sense at all? lol.

    • Okay yeah, I gotcha :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • That is a way of letting you down gently. By asking her if she has no interest, you are coming off as insecure. Don't bother with her. If she has any interest, she will reach out to you. If she does not reach out to you, you have your answer.

    Women can also change their minds. By avoiding the question you are not putting her on the spot. She can have the freedom to change her mind later.


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  • You dont know until you ask, because if you dont you will just feel lead on when really they thought it was a friendship all along

  • Yes, she will have to decide whether or not to be honest or string you along then and there.


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  • go for it