Afraid my girl will cheat?

im only 18 and well I've had quite a traumatic sexual past to say the least with another ex-girlfriend. And this is my since that and I haven't been able to really perform (Ive already have performance anxiety but I've been able to get through that). But this is killing me because she says she is completely fine and will wait until Im ready. I trust her a lot and totally believe she wouldn't do anything to me like cheat, but I've been cheated before and Im quite a worrysome guy. It just bugs me that she'd give up sex for me even though she has told me she enjoys sex a lot. We still are very sexual just I haven't been able to get through this one event that happened quite a bit ago. Is it just me worrying too much or is there some cause for concern?


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  • You can't bring baggage from a past relationship into another one. You have to start each one fresh. You need to decide if your girlfriend has given you any reason to not trust her, otherwise you need to just trust her

    • I doubt she'll cheat. She has been very great to me even with this past of mine which I love. I guess im just scared of losing her because I can't perform right now.

    • Well it sounds like you are lucky to have her! Dont lose her because you're scared

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  • As far as I can tell she hasn't given you any reason to think that she would cheat, in fact she sounds pretty supportive of your situation. You are definitely being paranoid, and it's not fair towards her in my opinion that you're trying to make this about her.

    Just get comfortable with her and let it happen naturally, but you should also think about the issues you have with sex and anxiety so you don't make her wait forever.

    • Thought that too, I feel shitty that sometimes it comes to mind. She said she would give it up but I told her I wouldn't do that to her. I wouldn't do that to her.