How do you make a guy that says he doesn't want to be in a relationship at the moment, want to be in one. Just need some advice. Don't say, "Maybe he just isn't into you" I mean I guess but I know he loves me as a friend, I know he thinks I'm pretty. Like it's established that he likes me basically lol, not actually but all the evidence is there but he tells he doesn't want a relationship. I WANT HIM.


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  • " I WANT HIM"

    Okay, so "how do i change him" question 402,301,125.

    If you give him a monetary incentive like a daily rate ($100/day), 7 blow job credits per week on cue and/or sex and 1 pass for week for sexual encounters with other women.

    ^ this would totes work.


    • im being serious how do i make a guy that hates relationships, to be in one?

    • You find out the thing he's most insecure about and his deepest darkest secret and you threaten to reveal it to the world unless he gets in a relationship.

      On top of that, you also find out what his parents do for work and then further investigate something you can blackmail them with that would cause them to lose their jobs and mortgage on a house they've paying for their whole lives. All of their life's work would be in shambles.

      ^ if you do the above, i bet you he would get into a relationship.

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  • if you want him.. you are going to have to have him with out the commitment


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  • He won't want a relationship "just because" there's a great personavailable for him. doesn't happen like that.

  • You don't, if he doesn't want a relationship he doesn't want a relationship. Nothing much changing that.

    • there is nothing i could do? at all?

    • Give him time and be a good friend in the mean time. Flirt casually and maybe he will warm up to the idea. Nothing that creates immediate changes though.

  • My goodness, imagine the backlash if the genders were reversed.

    • He is my bestfriend. I'm not gonna force him to date me I just need advice to make him want me ur OP.

    • My point stands. Mind controlling him to like you does sound like forcing him.

      Did you try just asking him out or something?

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