Why would some guys want a promiscuous degrading girl rather than a good well educated girl?

Now I know this isn't meant for all guys but let me explain.

My best friend whom I've know for my whole life is in this situation which I just don't understand.

She is beautiful, I don't mean that in a biased way either, she literally is stunning and tall and currently has a modelling career whilst studying astrophysics. She is extremely intelligent, amazingly kind, funny and is an amazing person all round.. very down to earth and easy to get along with. (she's 20 btw)

She's been dating this guy for a month but she said she told him she had feelings for him and he backed off a bit, they since hadn't seen each other for a month but they still talk.

She told me she asked him whats going on and he said he'd still like to see her, then she asked what happens if you get a gf? and he said i'd still talk to you, so is he playing games with her? He also goes on about how he doesn't want to hurt her? like to mean he sounds like a big-headed idiot.

The thing that puzzles the f out me is why wouldn't he want a relationship? She's (fucking) stunning, intelligent, kind soul and is an amazing person, modest, she said they had a lot of chemistry too.

He said he hasn't been in a relationship for a while so he may be scared. My best friend travels a lot too so maybe he doesn't want anything serious because of that.

I've seen who he follows on instagram and they are all trashy girls with butter faces. Why would he want that when he has an intelligent, beautiful girl in front of him?

My best friend is going to get hurt and i feel for her


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  • those are called players or alpha males, bad boys, and jerks, and girls always fall for their shit, and ignore and reject the nice guys, but whatever, girls just want to be that stupid and obsess over the players its not my problem.

    • So players even play the amazingly beautiful, intelligent girls? Tbh he's extremley lucky to have even scored my bestie because he's far out of her league

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    • Okay. Why does he keep telling her he doesn't want to hurt her when she repeatdley tells him, she's not and she's a big girl... like he seems like he thinks she's in love with him

    • guys are naturally desperate for and hope to end up with the right girl, but trusting a girl and her words is nearly impossible for many guys. because most girls naturally dont give a damn about guys and guys know it.

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