Is it normal for a man to sweep a girl off her feet?

Well, I quit my job...

I called up a girl I liked and knew, I said I'm going to B. C. to snowboard and invited her too come. She said she could not afford it and thought, I was joking or crazy. I reaffirmed my intention to her and well... I said I did not care I'm paying... Pack your things I will be picking you up in 30 min. Plane leaves in 4 hours, tell your boss at work that your mom died and you need some time off "she did just that"... lol. I picked her up, gave her my credit card, my lap top and told her to delegate the booking etc as I drove to the air port. Was easy to just call up Whistler and buy an all inclusive package that had everything. car rental etc... ran up about 6 K for 7 days. in 9 hours we were in the chalet we booked tired and slept next day was epic!

She was like totally shocked by this and she pretty much went from typical night to cloud 9 in the matter of a few mins...

Non the less she was hysterical and so happy that some guy just called her up out of the blue no planning and took her on a free vacation. She was a little concerned as to why I quit my job and I simply said I felt like doing something fun and sharing it. She knows my work and wage can afford these things but thought I was a little conservative on these things.

Not sure if women really like this kind of stuff, I just felt like grabbing whatever I had and just "Go" have a blast! Sure was a blast!

Is this normal for a man to do this sort of thing? Don't worry about the job because 1 day fater I got back I was working again.


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  • that would make me feel extremely uncomfortable. I have had uncomfortable experiences in the past where someone has gifted me money and then demanded it back so unless I can afford to do something I will not do it.

    • That's too bad. Lots of nice people out there. I don't ask for anything back other than the company of another was all I asked for. Best money spent with no regrets.

    • I'm glad you had a good time.

  • Yeah it is


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