If a woman is hanging out with a guy she likes & know him already, would she make up stories about other guys to gauge if this guy likes her?

lets say that this guy isn't getting hints or anything, but she knows he's a good guy.


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  • Yes. I used to do that to see if the guy was interested or to see if he'd get jealous. I wouldn't necessarily make up stories though.

    • how can I tell if she is faking things? or making stuff up?

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    • That's, why I'm on this site, lol complicated girls... and life... and lack of socializing as a shy kid, who inevitably turned introverted with the hope of getting out a it lol. well, do nice guys get the girls or am I just being spoken too? also, thanks for the help, next time ill tell you there's more so I can post all of the story before you decide and have to come back 30 time.

    • Thats ok, man. I understand. I just feel like she's taking advantage a little bit. Like, it shouldn't be this complicated. I hope in the end you're happy with whatever direction you go.

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