If he doesn't text me everyday does it mean he's not into me?

He will text me every few days or sometimes constantly everyday. He'll be super flirty at times and sometimes just normal.

Super confused about this guy.

Should I just give up?


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  • No don't give up just because he missed a day of texting. Most guys don't text a girl they like every day. Texting is not talking or like chatting online. It is a text like anote that you put so that someone will read it. Try asking to meet him in person and go on a date. If he does not want to try dating then give up.

    • well he was on vacation with his family and hasn't been texting, he did say he wants to meet up once he is back, thats a good sign I hope? no concrete plans

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    • I wish you two good luck.

    • thank you! :)

What Girls Said 2

  • You also have to consider that texting can be pretty annoying and aggravating sometimes. I, for one, cannot stand texting, but I put up with it since the majority of people would rather text than talk or meet in person. Plus, he may not even be thinking the same as you do about the texting. Maybe he thinks everything is fine. Maybe he thinks texting you too much would annoy you. Also, are you putting in as much effort as well into texting him?

    • Yes I would like to think I am , sometimes I initiate the convo too and reciprocate whenever he''s mushy

  • I wouldn't give up. What else/ what does he say in the messages? If he implies catching up with you or something then you can tell interest. Actions speak a lot louder than words

    • he would tell me about his day sometimes in detail and at other rimes be really mushy being all "im into you girl" action wise I haven't experience much with him, we spontaneous met up because we were in the same area

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