If a guy takes the time to text you to say. We clicked but you kind of scared me off sorry. Can it be saved?

First date went perfect then he asked me to spend the night but didn't want sex just to cuddle and the next day answered a couple text message but stopped.


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  • I'm not very clear on what you typed. You didn't want sex and wanted to just cuddle? or was that him? Anyhow, if you really like this guy, try to find him and meet him in person again. He sounds nice if he didn't want sex on a first date, though I wouldn't know how you scared him off.

    • Texting a lot. Because everything else seemed flawless. And yea he didn't want sex he asked to spend the night and we went to bed he gave me basketball shorts and a tshirt and we watched tv and cuddled and yes there aas kissing

    • Answer this. How do you think you scared him?
      If you don't have any idea, approach him and try again. That's all I can say.

  • You have to come on stronger. Send him naked pictures. Be assertive. Go to his house, hug and kiss him.


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  • yes it can be saved

    • Should I back off a bit and wait for him to text me or should I just wait about a week or so and text him something like you popped in my head just wanted to see how you are

    • the second one

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