Boring? exciting?

i was told by a guy i know from my past that is now renting an apartment from my boyfriend that when my boyfriend gave him a ride he sounded like he wanted to break up with me because he thinks im boring... but that same night me and my boyfriend cooked together and watched a movie and he drove me home and kissed me good night... even earkier in the afternoon we slept together..


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  • He said you're boring, so odds are you don't give him a sense of excitement

    • but he never said it directly i heard it from some guy that he just met

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    • so what can i do?

    • Be yourself, if he doesn't like that then he's not for you

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  • So bring it up with him?
    Say you're confused, and ask if he said it. If he says yes, tell him he should talk to you about this because if he has a problem he should try and fix it with you not complain to others.
    Saying you're boring and want to break up, doesn't fix your relationship. Doesn't give you a chance to change. Which is on him and his lack of communication. So ask him why you bore him, is it YOU, or is the lack of things to do in the relationship (because that's on you both then) etc etc.

    It could be he was just talking crap to the guy OR the guy is a dick and wanted to interfere.

    But just ask


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  • my advice don't listen to other guys


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  • I wouldn't listen to the past guy- sounds like trouble to me.