Desperately need your advices, I told her I like her, what now?

She had been giving me signs that she likes me, but we never talked in the class.
Today I was going down the stairs and she was coming up , I said "hey whats ur name?"
She said " why?, I dont know you" (she was a bit smiling while saying this)
I said - "because I like you". and then she started moving up and i started going down ,
While going down I said " if u change your mind let m know"
My friends told me while she was entering the class she was smiling herself.
And even in the class, she looked back at me once.
What should I do?

  • You did your job, you told her you like her, Now if she likes u she will talk to u or give u signs that she is interested.
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  • You p! ssed her off, you are out
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  • Others. (comment please)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Now that You have Gotten things Going and Flowing, Continue... Rowing. She may be Waiting to See if you are Serious here, dear.
    Find her Again, but do Not tell her Again, "I Like You." Simply Find out her Name, that is if she Really is Still 'Smiling Herself,' and See if you Both can at least Exchange Celly Numbers to Find Maybe if there Might be Some.. Gain.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the Like. xx

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    • Well, it would be Good First to get her name. Don't walk away, it looks like you are playing games. try talking to her when you both Have the time, see first with this and a name. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

Most Helpful Guy

  • Sit back and wait. Let her come to you.

    You made a good first step. If you chase now, you would have just fucked it all up.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I like how straightforward you were. She is either shy or not interested. So her walking away could just be an instinct that she had (if she's shy). Just wait until she does something.

    • So u liked my approach? I mean yeah it was obvious for both of us like the way we used to make eye contact and look at each other, and i just said her that i like her.
      Did i come accross as strong or i was fine?

    • With what you're saying I think she's pretty shy. If people are just honest with what they want then everything would be easy. I'd say it was a good approach. Now it's up for her to make a move. If she's avoiding you etc then just move on. There have been times when I would accidentally make eye contact with a guy and I didn't mean it. It happens but just wait it out.

    • We have always eye contact and she goes out of her way to make eye contact with me to let me know that she is interested,
      I did it today so lets see what happens tomorrow or coming days, but yeah all my friends have said to wait, and let her do something now becoz if she likes u she will definitely give u signs now. otherwise be at peace that u had the balls to tell her that u liked her and move on.
      at least I did my part as a man, and i feel happy and relaxed after this.

  • All her reaction is too subjective. She could smile because she knows now that someone (not you) like her and it makes her proud. I suggest you talk over with her earnestly, avoid to look like flirting..


What Guys Said 2

  • You pissed her off, you are out

  • It could be either she likes you or she's just messing with your head and stringing along like a puppet keeping you on your toes.

    • So what should I do now?

    • It's up to you, either wait it out and see if she shows signs or approaches you or take the initiative and talk to her though I wouldn't honestly recommend option 2 because she might see you as desperate or feel in control, yep, dating is complicated.

    • Ok now I guess i should wait, if she gives me some signs then i should do something, otherwise at least i had the balls to tell her i like her, i feel at peace at least i did something as my heart said