Bad texter or just not into me?

So I started talking to this guy. I initiated contact and asked him to lunch. We hit it off and have met up 3 times since. I'm very confused about his texting patterns. He will text me, I will reply and then he won't text me back for a few hours. He ALWAYS waits to reply to my texts anywhere from an hour to 24 hours. I'm also doing the same because I'm not going to immediately respond to a a guy who who won't repond right back to me and I'm also not a needy texter so I will not send a follow up message. If I don't text him at all he will text me every two days and always try to make plans with me on The weekend. What's the deal? Is he a bad texter or just not into me?

Should I reach out to him? Or just wait?


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  • "I'm also doing the same because I'm not going to immediately respond to a a guy who who won't respond right back to me." Good relationships aren't built on bad game playing.

    Why are you texting instead of talking on the phone? Are you a bad talker? You could accomplish so much more by having actual conversations instead of playing this text game.

    • Since we have been talking I have attempted calling him twice and he does not answer and does not return my call. So we just text. I'm not going to push the issue. the first time we went to lunch it was amazing the second two times we went to my house and got a little drunk but no sex. I told him I wanted to be taken on dates and I'm not giving it up anytime soon and he was totally cool with that. Well he took me on a date last weekend and we ended up heading back to my place and had sex. The sex was BAD. He finished so quick and then we tried again but he couldn't keep it up. I like him but I'm not sure what to do. I get its been a year since he has been with a woman but will he be too embarrassed to reach out again?

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    • Should I reach out to him or just wait?

    • What do you have to lose by reaching out to him?

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  • Should've stuck to your guns about the "dates before sex" thing. It's difficult to tell if he's a bad texter because he already hit it and is probably not taking you as seriously anymore. If he's at least trying to see you again and making plans, that's a good sign but it's really too early to tell. Don't get your hopes up and like the other pink said, keep your options open.


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  • Uh... some people don't live attached to their phones.


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  • sex too soon... unless you are okay with it.

    i would keep my options open.

    next time dont let the guy come your place so soon. go to his and get to know his situation.