What should I do??

So, I like this guy, and I am pretty sure he likes me... I've always wanted to flirt with him, but every time I got nervous. And I have another chance... I get to hang out with him this Wednesday. And it is my last day for a while, cause he's visiting Kentucky for a couple a days. How should I do it? How do I get him to notice me like I want him to? And I'm pretty sure he likes me.


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  • Well a lot can happen while this dude is off in Kentucky and you have very limited time to get yourself in there...now you being a female I know it may seem a little out of character for you to ask a guy out but hey, if both of you are vibing than there's no shame in you taking the initiative to scheduling something when he gets back.

    You can be subtly about it...for example you ask him if he's seen any good movies lately during your convo...he'll give you his list of the movies he's seen that way it gives you options as to which movie neither have you have seen yet...than simply mention a movie that neither of you have seen, tell him you've been meaning to check it out and suggest that you and him check it out when he gets back from his trip...leave it at that and wait until he comes back...if he brings up the movie when he comes back from his trip than it's a good indicator of interest and you can then take it from there.


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  • If you've never flirted with him and he's never flirted with you, there's no real way of knowing he likes you. Don't get your hopes up.

    What makes you think he likes you? I'm interested.

    What you can do before you jump the gun, is test the waters...

    This means, when you hang out with him make sure that you're extra friendly. Smile a lot, laugh a lot, and talk a lot. If you're able to, flirt. Make snide comments, tease him, joke around with him. Playfully touch him or rub against him. Do girly things. Bring out your inner flirt.

    If he seems to reciprocate your advances, then I suggest you exchange numbers. You can text and chat while he is away in Kentucky.

    Good luck.

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