Why does he take ages to respond?

Why does he take forever to reply back and gets angry if I do the same to him in return? Also should I keep texting him or just simply wait even if it's days?☚ī¸đŸ˜Ŧ


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  • Move on it happens in life when we have to forget things and move on bcoz time never stop for anyone same as life.


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  • Uh I think you probably should bring his double standard kind of action up to him and see what he says. He could have not noticed it and bringing it up may help him take note that he should think in your shoes in future as well.

    On the other hand if he only continued to demand you to reply quickly and not do the same, you're probably in a position where he does not respect or care enough for you. Or he's simply narcissistic. And I think you know what to do.

    • Well today he texted me a sweet morning message? Like he never does wishing me a wonderful day

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    • Well, logically speaking you are, so 😜

    • Thank lol

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