How do you find out who is in your 'league' if absolutely no women are interested in you?

I've approached hundreds of women in real life, and messaged thousands on online dating sites, yet still never had any success. The most common response to this is that I need to aim for girls who are less attractive, since there is less competition for those girls, that I need to stick to girls in my 'league'.

But how do you find out your 'league'? I've aimed as low as I think its possible to aim, but even with obese, unemployed single mums I am considered unattractive and not their time. These women regularly ignore me and my attempts to get to know them or date them. My results are no better than they are with average women or highly attractive women.

If the only people who have ever expressed a desire to get intimate with me are prostitutes, internet trolls and the occasional gay man.. Who do I actually have a chance with?


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  • "Who do I actually have a chance with? "
    - what do you think you should do to make yourself better in terms of life? It can be anything and not necessarily directly related to dating.

    Set aside women, what would you like to see yourself improve on? The reason i say this is, lets say you want to run a "Tough mudder" obstacle race 10-12 terrain running and obstacle course.

    You would just run it right? You'd start by cardio, lifting and doing stuff inside the gym to prepare? Along the way you'll find other skills and hopefully people to run it with and maybe in the end there will be something there?

    I feel dating is the same, 1 foot forward in front of the other and just keep working on your goals and self improvement. It can be a hobby, keeping the room cleaner, being more productive at your job or just being able to communicate with family and friends. Whatever you choose, it will build a better you and the rest will follow.

    I know it's an "all encompassing" type of response but it's all mental. Take a step back from the dating and pursuant of women, it sounds like you are burnt and need a break.


    • So you assume that I do nothing aside from trying to meet women?

  • Start at rock bottom and work your way up. I am sure there is a plump, balding, toothless lass that will get you started...

    • I've never actually met a balding and toothless woman, so I can't really hit on one.

    • They are out there.. hang out in front of a Wal mart, or a low income development..