I don't have an valid argument?

For some time, close to several months, I have been feeling like my boyfriend has been neglecting spending time with me. Normally, I would see him twice a week. This doesn't sound horribly bad, but when compare to the amount of time he spends with his friends, it can be a bit uneasy. Normally, he will spend four to five days with them. Often the time I have with him will overlap with the time he spends with his friends. If you don't know what I mean, I normally end up hanging out with all of them. There isn't much days where is it just the two of us.

I have tried many of times to bring this issue up, but he doesn't understand, or see what is wrong. I brought this topic up once again, since I only had seen him four times this month (give/take), but he has been with his friend for five days straight this week, not counting everything he did with them last week. He said that I didn't have an argument because I kept going back to the same things, and that I am just looking for reasons to fight. He also said that he never does see his friends, which is a lie. He speaks about going out with them almost every other day. I am not sure what I should do here. I love him to death, but I am tired of him putting his friends first.


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  • Talk to him

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