Single but not always happy?

Okay so I'm so done with being single.
Like I am not getting any connection with any boys.

Even tho i know love hurts and so it's better off being single but then sometimes being single feels too lonely u know. Sometimes u just want someone to be there for you like care for you and love you and be the reason behind your smile.

I have guys messaging me but they are just not the one who makes my heart beat.. the good ones never hits my chat room :( . They either taken or prolly like me waiting for others to message us first.
Sorry but never in my life I'm ever hitting a send button first.

I don't know but I just felt like sharing my feelings here today. :( :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • you definitely WILL be single if you dont press the send button first.

  • welcome to my world cause this is how I feel all the time


What Girls Said 1

  • You should start approaching people as well. You cannot expect a good guy to magically land on your feet. That is not realistic.

    • This, I'm also curious if the Asker's idea of a guy "who makes her heart beat" is perhaps a Ryan Gosling clone with a sixpack who also happens to be a world-famous multi-millionaire neurosurgeon who can read women's minds and would magically fall in love with a woman who doesn't even have a college degree (because that's usually the issue when a woman complains about there not being any "good guys").