My boyfriend is being distant?

What do I do he and I are gonna b together in a week and he's being distant but still is saying he loves me and stuff but he's talking to a bunch of girls and not replying back to me what does this mean


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  • Maybe he needs space. I would give him space and not sweat him. He is acting immature by talking to other girls. And he is doing that to try and make you jealous.


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  • He's talking to a bunch of girls, but not replying to you? Then he doesn't love you. If he did, he would care about how this is making you feel and know that you are hurting.

    It means he is disrespecting you and that you can do so much better! Don't let this guy hurt you anymore. It's unacceptable that he is talking to other girls while you are sitting at home waiting for him to talk to you. It seems like he has already made up his mind. He's going to act single, so he might as well be single.

    There are plenty of guys who would love to be your boyfriend, and who won't be chatting up with other girls while you two are together. A guy who will appreciate you and all you have to offer to him.

    Someone who will spend time with you, check in on you and genuinely want to hear about your day. Don't give this guy any more of your time.

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