Should I text him or just forget about it?

I met this guy, and we went on our first date a week ago which went pretty well. We went to a restaurant and the conversation was great. We talked for maybe 2 hours then he suggested we go grab dessert. We held hands and everything when we walked over. It was a pretty romantic place that had desserts and wine. We shared a slice of cake and we both had two glasses of wine. He got really touchy and pulled my chair closer to him, and the conversation continued. It was getting pretty late and the place was getting ready to close, so he walked me to my car. Before we parted ways, we made out which also got really handsy. He mentioned doing this again sometime and I said yeah then I headed home and so did he. I texted him when I got home and he replied saying he had fun. I thanked him for dinner and everything then he mentioned again that we should go out again sometime. I've only texted him one other time after the fact, and even then the conversation died down. I know he's probably busy, but isn't a weeks time long enough to set up another date if we thought the first one went well?


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  • I have found in my experience that when a guy doesn't say, "text me when you get home. I want to make sure you get there safe." Or say, "we should go out sometime," that seems to be pretty much all they wanted. I don't let any guy get handsy with me on the first date at all. I don't kiss them and don't do anything else other than smile, laugh, and make convo. Based on what you said, I would not text him again. The date went well for you, but he may not have felt it was great enough to go again. If you want to convince yourself, then text him once and let it go.

    • He did ask me to text him when I got home which is why I did it, and he said twice that he wanted to go out again, but I don't know he might've just said that to be nice

    • Yeah. He has to actually make a plan. Don't give too much next time. Cut it short and leave a cliffhanger.

  • So it's been a week since the first date?
    That's not good.. You guys at least texting each other?
    If he's really interested he would have set up the next date within 1 week.. Unless he's out of town, being busy is bullshit. I dated busy professionals, they all able to make time for their date no matter what.
    I don't know if you text each other? If not, why don't you text him what's up?