What age is too old for a first serious relationship?

I figure there has to be an age where, if you haven't had a serious relationship yet, you have to either admit that there's something seriously wrong with who you are, or nobody will consider having a serious relationship with you. What age is that?


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  • Sounds like social pressure!! I think that each person is different, and YOU decide when you find someone that is WORTHY, and has integrity, and you can trust, to be so close, so intimate.
    Too many rush in, and make bad choices, and the children they have, suffer!!
    Why does there have to be some age 'LIMIT', like if you haven't had a serious relationship, or haven't had sex, that somehow you are 'defective'?
    I think that is probably the better way to go!! Find someone that you can really relate to, trust, and love, before you do anything that might result in a child, or another dysfunctional relationship!!
    We have so many that have demonstrated how to do it WRONG!! Maybe we need a few, that are more cautious, more reserved, and make better choices, doing it "RIGHT"!!
    Take your time, and ignore any that mock you! Find the one that you really can trust, love and care about, with integrity! Age shouldn't matter! That's just social BS and stereotyping!!


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  • There is no age limit. It happens when it's suppose to happen.


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  • There are no rules

    • & I like rules, esp for relationship stuff. It lets me have a clue what to expect.

    • Sorry but anything can happen at anytime when it comes to love

  • Death... there is no such age.

  • Somewhere around 60, or maybe older. Some people find love for the first time pretty late in life. My uncle was over 40 when he met his wife. She was still living at home. I don't know if she had ever married.

  • Late twenties.

    • Then there's something seriously wrong with me. :(

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    • I work retail. I see a lot of people. I've even been on OKCupid for a few years. I wasn't interested in dating at all until my mid-20s though.

    • What's your sex drive like?

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