What is the appropriate way to react when you are out on a date and another "cool" guy tries to game your girl?

Let's face it, when the girl that you are dating is desirable, other guys would be interested too. Some of them would come straight up or when you're in bathroom to try chat her up and get her number or steal her away.

In this situation what is the most appropriate way for the guy to behave? He knows that they are just dating at this stage and not in a committed relationship. However if he chooses to be passive and let him talk to her for an extended period of time, she might think that he is not confident and back away from competition. However if he chooses to block the other guy approaching, he would come across needy and insecure.

This is a difficult spot for the guy on a date to be in. What is the best way to lose the approaching guy or the AMOG (alpha male from other group) and come across as high value to the girl he is dating?


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  • Honestly you should go and beat the guy who is trying to steal your girl, thats the only way. He won't listen if you talk or he will continue what he's doing if you don't say anything. But if you threat him or beat him hard then he will scare and he will f*ck off from the scene.

    Same thing happend to me when I was at highschool and that was what I did, the only & best way dude.

    • What if he is bigger than you. The only reason he does what he does is because he thinks he's got upper hand.

    • Let him be bigger than me, I am not coward to step back cause of his size. If I get beaten at least I'll still feel like a man cause of my bravery, you should be a WARRIOR not a worrier.

    • good one

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  • You can win by acting in a friendly way towards the dude. You can also show him you have the upper hand by subtly touching the girl. The girl will assume that you're confident and the asshole will back off.

    • I reckon the best thing to do is if the girl tells him to f off. It makes the most sense.

      What if the asshole doesn't back off, and kept talking to the girl?

    • You remind him of the fact that the girl is accompanied by you.

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