Do you think he's seeing other women :( ?

Some background info:
- We've not spoken about exclusivity and we've been dating for about 3 months.
- We're taking things at a good, steady pace.
- We started sleeping together about 4 weeks ago.
- He lives about 35 minutes from me - he's got a car, I don't. I've started to offer gas money when he comes and visits me which he appreciated.
- We see each other once a week, mostly on weekends. Sometimes sleeping over.
- We speak everyday.
- I really like him.

However the past two weekends were initiated by me and when I asked if he was free, it was always "maybe." So I leave it for a few days, and follow up, and so far he's always said yes. When we're together, he's fully invested, affectionate and we have a great time but I can't help but wonder why I can't get a straight answer. When I initiate, I tend to ask a week in advance for when we can see each other, but my friend said that if he can't say "yes" straight off the bat, he could be saving those days for another woman. Could she be right, or am I being paranoid?

I'm more than happy to play things by ear, but I do like to have some sort of plan/indication.


Also, he does also initiate plans from time to time, and i'd say its 50/50.
One last bit! - We both said at the start we're not looking for a fling.


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  • no exclusivity
    fair game

    • How exactly is that "fair game". If I was seeing other dudes, I'd get a load of shit for it.

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    • I respectfully disagree.

    • u can disagree
      but reality says from a guy point of view we are not exclusive yet
      did u even meet his friends and family and vice versa

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  • You ask him out a week in advance and he says maybe then yeah. Your friend is right.

    The fact that you been initiating last few dates that's not ok.. You guys been seeing each other for three month and having sex now why don't you ask him what's going on?

    You could ask him if he's seeing someone else and take it from there..


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  • Maybe. Hard to say.

  • I hope not but if he is its a good thing cause when you dump him you'll have saved so much time


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  • Well since there is no exclusivity going on between the two of you, it seems like he may be dating other women. You've never asked him if he was seeking a relationship? Commitment?

    • At the beginning neither of us said we're looking for a fling. It's too early for me to consider him to be my boyfriend.

    • Hmm seems like the slow and steady pace is basically what's going to make it or break it. If things go great it's possible. But if either of you lose interest then it's a no go

    • We're both happy with the pace it's at tbf. I'm not ready to call it exclusive, but with my experience, if I'm dating someone I naturally assume I'm the only one they're currently seeing.

  • Maybe you are overthinjong too much. My initial thought wasn't that he's seeing someone else , but I'd certainly stop Initiating contact to see if he does. At times you need to distance yourself from certain people , not because you don't care, but to see if the other person does