Should I reply back?

I've been dating this guy for about 3 months. We text a lot in between dates, the last text he sent to me was something there is really much too respond to. Kinda like the end of the conversation...

Should I just not reply? And hope he will then text me again to arrange another date?

I'm worried by not replying he will think I'm not interested, but at the same time I'm hoping a little distance will make him want me more?


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  • What?

  • No he wouldn't think like that at all. You guys been texting back and forth entire time.
    I'm not a big texter and I end text lots of time when there's nothing really to reply. Then guys usually text me again few hours or next day or following day if they interested. Give it a break

    • Thanks! This is also why I want to give a break as I feel like after time texting can become so boring and just ruins the communication between us both!

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