Girl I really like rejected me, how did I handle this?

I met this woman we hit off we exchanged numbers we asked if we were single and said we would hang out. From the start after that she was being really distant like barely replying to my text. I ask her out and she said she will let me know and never followed up... So a week later I text her to test the waters and she replied saying it's good to see me when we run into each other but she is not really interested in romance. Pretty much friend zoning me.

My reply: " it's cool no biggie, if you ever change your mind and want to get some ice cream let me know. I think you are amazing."

was there a better way to respond? I didn't want to be negative i wanted to leave on a positive note and I don't what I can do to change her mind :/


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  • I'm PERSONALLY not the type to leave the door open to people who reject me, and here's why.

    It suggests in a sense that they themselves and their time is more valuable than me/mine.

    Personally if somebody friendzones me, I either quit talking to them, or place them in the proverbial friendzone myself. There's no: "Well if it becomes convenient for me later I'll consider taking you up on your offer."

    If you don't get on this Graveytrain, it leaves the station without you.


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  • ya, don't be such a puppydog, no offense. that's the exact type of thing that got you friendzoned. You need to act like it's HER honor, not yours. You need to think YOU are the shit, not her. do that and you can be buttugly and women will come running.

    women treat you like you treat yourself. it's not that she didn't think much of you-it's that YOU don't think much of you.

    Do you bump into her often? If you do you can change it... otherwise you should start fresh in my opinion, this might be too much to dig out of in text. Do you have style? interests? are you proud of yourself? Do you act confident? these are mostly rhetorical-change the answers by working on yourself.

    • Yes we bump into each other once a week at a local dance venue we have mutual friends and that's how I originally met her and got her number. She is on my Facebook and from what see she is really big into church with volunteer activities etc and the way she carries her self I sort of think she is a virgin.

    • even church girls like bad boys, perhaps especially like them... appeal to her dark side :)

    • Well I get what ur saying but I don't have an ego that was bruised and feel I need to prove anything to her I'll just be acting fake. No pressure she is a sweet girl she wasn't feeling me nothing I can do its out of my hands. I don't feel offended or feel like my ego is bruised and if I do anything to be different I will just be fake and putting on an act like I'm this bad boy. I am comfortable in my own skin and don't need to prove anything. I had girls come on to me who I wasn't interested and rejected it goes both ways

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  • Your reply was very mature and good. It doesn't seem like it will change anything but you handled it great. Maybe she was just being nice in person, it is hard to reject someone, or maybe she exchanged numbers on a friendly basis. I am sorry, but you should just move on and you will. Rejection happens but one day it will work out for you.

    • Well I really like he at the same time no pressure and no offense. People who get offended act that way because their ego was bruised I mean what's making her feel bad going to do? Win her over?

    • Exactly. If it were me and a really nice guy asked me out and I said no, if he acted the way you did I would wonder if I made the wrong decision and still completely respect them. But if they acted negatively I would feel like I dodged a bullet.

  • That's a good response, and no, you can't change her mind. You were pretty mature about it.

    Although Saying "you're amazing" is really weak, and that attitude you have is probably one reason she isn't interested in you.

    But she isn't interested, so you should put your time somewhere else now.

    • I think taking offense to being rejected is weak that's why most people want to say or do something to try to make the person feel bad about the rejection.

      I feel like that's how I feel I can't force anything only thing I can do is be positive and walk away. She is a very sweet perso who needs to be with someone that she feels like she connects with which is not me obviously.

    • Oh, I wasn't criticizing you being polite and positive, that's admirable. I agree, taking offense to rejection is weak.

      I'm just saying, from a girl's perspective, telling her "you're amazing" sounds weak. The reason is that you don't really know her -- so you can't really know if she's amazing. So saying it sounds like you're putting her on a pedestal, and that's unattractive.

      Basically, you're valuing her more than anything she has said or done merits, so it seems either fake or naive. And it also puts pressure on her to be perfect, which isn't fun. It also kinda looks like you're easily impressed, so you're either inexperienced or don't have standards.

      Just trying to explain it from the other side :)

    • I got it. Anyways she just replied to my text so that's what 12 hours later? Says thank you! I appreciate it I will keep that in mind! I just didn't reply :/

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  • hit the strip club / brothel right now