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hey guys and girls.. I like a girl who's in a relationship with a guy but this guy is in jail.. The problem is that I asked her 3 times if she has feelings for me through texts and she answered me with no.. I told I wanted to meet her today for only 2 minutes alone to ask her for the last time if she's feelings for me and then continue hanging out with our friends.. But at once I realized I should stop running after her.. She sent me a text that she's been the whole time with her friends in the city and I told that something happened with me and that I can't come today.. She asked me what is it? And now I don't know what should I tell because I'm not sure if I should run after her or look for an other girl.. What do you think I should do? Fight for getting her to love and tell her i love her? Or what should i say about the reason of not coming today and start over with another girl.. Please help..!


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  • Leave her alone.. she's clearly not interested in you and she's in another relationship. Even though he's in jail, that doesn't give you a free pass to make moves on her. She's already said no, multiple times. You've given her so many chances to admit that she might have feelings for you, but she doesn't, and asking her over and over again isn't going to change that.

    Tell her "I wanted to meet in person to tell you my feelings for you, but you already know how I feel and I realize that I am not doing the right thing by asking you over and over again because you are already with someone else. We can still hang out if you want, but that was my main reason for wanting to see you."


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  • You sound desperate, I believe that would be a turn off and just hurt your chances. You should never chase women. You can still be persistent without looking desperate.

    • Thanks for that.. What do you advise me to do?

    • Take a step back. I don't know how often you text or hang out but it wouldn't hurt to do a little less, sometimes less is more. If she doesn't here from you in a little while maybe she will start to miss you and think about you. If you're not a busy person, act busy, so next time she might think that you giving her your time is more valuable. Don't ask if she has feelings for you, just ask her out to dinner or something, and don't do it over a text just call her it's harder to say no.

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