I am straight but girls keep rejecting me because my voice sounds gay. What can I do?


I'm approaching 30, I've only ever had one relationship which lasted 10 months and she cheated on me with my best friend.

Since then I've been trying to interact with women but had little success.

I have been told I am good looking.

I've been Speed Dating 12 times.

I've spoken to 220+ girls and had 3 likes (2 of those were matches but neither responded to my text). I've been working on improving my interactions, learning how attraction works etc.

At my third event, two girls made a comment to a friend of mine that although they found me attractive, fun and had good chemistry, they could never like me because I have a gay voice.

This has been a recurring theme.

The most overwhelming reason why girls reject me is because my voice sounds gay.

The host from Speed Dating says the most common comment girls make about me in the comment box is "Gay" or "Gay voice".

It's not just Speed Dating, I have approached girls, made moves only to be rejected because my voice sounds gay. It had happened four times on Saturday.

I thought something was developing with one girl until she told me she saw me as a gay friend cause of my voice.

I was brought up by women with an absent father. Allegedly this leads to men speaking more effeminate. I never even knew I had a gay voice. I feel because of this I will end up lonely.

What can I do?


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  • Hmmm... maybe it's not in the sound of your voice, but in the way you speak. Maybe try to butch it up a little - if you feel like that's something you want to do - if you think it's necessary.


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  • How about a voice coach that can make you speak more manly?

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