What are red flags that tell you a guy is bad for you?


Most Helpful Guy

  • He treats you like a whore.
    He's rude and sloppy.
    He treats others badly, including service people and wait-people.
    He's dirty and sloppy.
    He's lazy or plays too much video games.
    He speaks poorly or swears a lot.
    He drinks too much or does drugs.
    Your father hates him.
    Or you can go the other way...
    He's weak, indecisive, and way too shy.
    He dresses goofy.
    He still lives at home.
    He has a sucky job.
    His car is a mess or a sled.
    His momma is more important that you.

    Surely you can figure this out. Perhaps it would help to describe things YOU think are red flags and get confirmation or opinion on them.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He wants sex soon, he even pushes you for it
    He is verbally abusive
    He only text you late at night
    He always complains/talks about his ex


What Guys Said 2

  • There can be lots of red flags that indicate the same. For example:

    1. He is rude, arrogant, disrespectful towards you.

    2. He is always judgmental.

    3. Always tries to play mind games on you by trying to manipulate your emotions, feelings to his advantage.

    4. If he mentally, physically and emotionally abusive towards you.

    5. He is very possessive and very controlling by nature.

  • Pay attention to his actions and words. A genuine guy will care about what you have to say, he will be there for you in good times and bad, ypu will see how much he cares for you in even the smallest things he does.
    Most importantly, he will put you before himself. A red flag guy will not do these things. He may try to fake them for a while, but it will be forced and you can usually pick up on cracks in the facade, and his true self will come out eventually


What Girls Said 2

  • Id say that feeling the need to ask a website full of strangers if he's bad for you could be a red flag.

    • Im not asking about any guy in particular. Im just trying to be smarter about who i date

    • Hmm if he does something that makes you uncomfortable and you tell him how it makes you feel but he disregards it thats a bad sign

  • The first sign I've seen in every guy that I've had a problem with is always in the beginning - they avoid answering questions and choose which ones they want to and/or the answers they give are extremely vague. Always the first sign.