Crush [17f] with mutual interest said she wanted to talk on the phone with me [17m], but won't answer my call. What's up with that?

So this girl and I have been talking for almost two months, and things have been going great - we have a lot of things in common, we've really hit it off (in-person and through texting), and we've both expressed strong interest through mutual friends. We've also talked about our interest in each other briefly. However, we haven't really defined the relationship. I'm trying to invite her to a movie next weekend (where I'm thinking about going for holding hands; maybe even talking about "us"), but I feel like I should start making our conversations a bit more personal; I figured it'd be good to invite her over the phone and chat for a bit. However, I tried calling her yesterday, and she couldn't answer - she was at dinner with some friends. She apologized and said that she wanted to talk tonight. I just called her, and she didn't answer. Both times I called, it went to her voicemail after about two rings -- she's denying my call? I don't get it. What should I do?

  • Text her; don't call again
  • Try calling again; don't text her
  • Try calling again; text her later
  • Text her; call later
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  • Sounds like she is either dodging you or is not being responsible enough to call you back. You need to stop contacting her for a few days and wait for her to contact you back. If she does not respond to you within a certain time, move on. Don't wait for her without a valid reason.


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