Where is this going? Am I wasting my time talking to him?

Okay so, I've been interested in this guy for a little while. Maybe like a month or a month and a half. And last Friday I drunk texted him and basically told him I thought he was cute and ever since then we've been texting like everyday. A lot of what we talk about is like smoking, or just like back and forth banter and We both initiate conversation but, there's been 2 times where we've tried to make plans and I either couldn't go or he canceled like kind of last minute. So we've never hung out alone and we don't really talk all that much at school. Two other people I know and consider loose friends or aquaintences are also interested and one of my other friend loves to bring up the fact that he was interested in her last year and is always talking about how he indirectly said he wanted to fuck her and she constantly complains TO ME about how annoying it was when he would hit on her.

So my question is, as stated in the title, is continuing to talk to him worth the stress and the extra bull-shit or should I just be friends with him? Or better yet, can anyone tell if this is going anywhere or not?


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  • To me it sounds like bullshit and you're wasting your time. If he was really into you or vice versa, one of you would be making plans and sticking to it. It seems like there is plenty of opportunity to hang out and what not. Then again... if your friends are interested (maybe he knows, maybe he doesn't) and he's waiting to see who's going to make the first move. But do you really want to deal with a guy who was supposedly into one of your "loose friends." I say either be straight up with him and try to make plans and see what he says and tell him you're interested or leave him be and find something new.

  • If you like this boy and you think he is worth it then you can move slow, see where it goes. Dont give up so easy.