Can someone give an example of what a good tinder write up looks like?

Because I'm beyond flabbergasted on this...

I barely get matches and when I do I'm not even interested in the girls who actually swiped yes for me.

So if I could get some examples/pointers of what a good tinder profile looks like for a guy, that would help a lot.

***this is what my write up looks like right now***

My therapist says I'm making great progress... And pretty soon I'll stop wetting the bed.

ASMR helps me sleep, there's nothing creepy about whispering into a mic staring blankly at a camera at all.

Sarcasm is a way of life, I'd choose to be nice but no.

"Tits out for Harambe. RIP fur baby you're home now" - George Costanza

No basic bitches, get on my level 🦄

But to be honest... I just want someone to walk my pet rock with. 🙃

***any suggestions will help***

  • I like what you wrote, it's hilarious
  • It's kind of funny but it's too much, maybe tone it down to a sentence or two
  • Nah dude change that completely
  • Omg... Hot pics are all that matters - meaning that your photos suck man, you need to get better pics. You don't even need to write anything if you look good. L
  • Try one of those things you wrote instead of having all of that (use...)
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  • Seems like you're trying too hard. If I saw all of that writing, I would skip immediately because I'm not on Tinder to read. I want to see your photos and maybe giggle at a quick one liner.

    • Which of the segments did you find the funniest or should I just write something different altogether?

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    • Yeah I concede... I changed that as well. You're kind of pointing out things I was already aware of but I needed it reinforced - so basically confirming what I already thought.

    • Well, I sincerely hope it helps you to find a good date 😊

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  • Try one of those things you wrote instead of having all of that


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  • lmfaoooo... you're dumb😛😛😛

    • How so... Sincere write ups are lame and pointless. My friend got 12 matches in 1 day after writing -

      "Looking for someone to dry hump then brag about to my friends"

      Dating is stupid and makes no sense to begin with.

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