What do people do on first meet ups after meeting on an online dating site?

Hey peeps. Unfortunately my relationship wasn't meant to be, so I've ended up back in the dating scene after 4 years. I've been chatting to a guy that I think meets my values and we're going to meet on Saturday, but the problem is I have no idea what to do! What do we normally do these days?


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  • Coffee, dinner, chill in the park, just like other regular dating scenes. If you nervous and don't know what to do let the guy decide and lead.

    • Oh good. I feel more comfortable chilling in a park than a dinner or coffee date.

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  • Some where in public with people about

    • Yeah, I know that one. What happens when we meet though? What do we talk about? Are we supposed to kiss at the end if we find each other appealing?

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    • Lol. You're funny

    • Good glad you think so

  • Jump straight into having sex, or ditch their dates if they're not as sexy as advertised. That's what people normally do after meeting on online dating sites nowadays.

    • Omg! I sincerely hope not!

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