My girlfriend is worred what should I do?

What she said. Why do u want kids with me so badly when uk i am scared to death of haveing one thats the only reason why i am so against it. N i dont want it adopt cus i want it to be mine n i am scared that something will hapen to me or it why do u want a kid with me so badly. I am also afried u will leave after the kid is born n leave me alone idky but i am scared so why do u want one with me what is the point in dating me if u want kids when i dont? I already give her my reply but won't bore you she seems to like my reply but I don't know what more i can do u known?90% she times me she just find kids annoying and does not wanna desl with that shit and i always wanted to adpot a kid.


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  • The best thing you can do is is keep reassuring her as best you can whenever the subject gets brought up. I know it might get tedious, but it's very scary to her.
    She doesn't want kids right now, but that doesn't mean she never will. You're still very young.
    Ask her if she thinks there is ever a time when she would really like kids and set a timeline to seriously talk about it and plan it nearer that time.
    You could even make a list of the things you're both scared of and what you'd be excited about and talk about each point, good and bad, until you've covered it all.
    Just you make sure you don't pressure her, if it's not what she wants, it's not what she wants and that's her decision.

    However much you may care about her, if the two of you want different things long term, she just might not be that girl for you.
    When you plan a family, you've got to know that you're planning one with the right person, and maybe you just aren't that person for her either, doesn't mean neither of you will find the person who is when the time is right.

    The more to press her, the more stressed about it you'll both become. Let it go for now, and wait until she's ready to talk about it.
    If she never is, then you can decide where to go from there.


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  • im not very fond of kids either and they are annoying and dirty. that is why i have three dogs

    • And dogs are not dirty?

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