What women are very attracted to feminized men or manginas? Im a 120% straight?

Is she masculine
is she a strong powerful successful woman
Is she a dominant woman
And don't give me a useless comment


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  • "Mangina" sounds like some kinda fruity drink...


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  • The women attracted to those guys are those that like controlling people and know the mangina will roll over for them.
    1. Is she masculine? It depends on what you define masculine as you mean butch or tomboy.
    2. Strong powerful successful woman? Most women will only submit themselves to thier man despite being powerful
    3. Dominant no , donimant women don't like dominating a people that rolls over, no challenge.

    • Well masculine as in she still wears thongs and sexy clothing but she's masculine in her personality traits like she's aggressive, driven, controlling, can handle anything that's thrown at her she's successful as in she makes a lot of money but not too much to wear she's a millionaire or something

    • Like a bussiness woman. The funny thing is those women are often submissive in the sheets. Powerful people need a counter balance.

  • what do you consider "useless"?

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