"Don't date coworkers" is stupid?

I understand the potential repercussions of dating a coworker and it going south...

But I really hate that idea... A boy and a girl like each other... Boy asks the girl out and she says she doesn't date coworkers...

I think that's a really stupid answer..(unless she doesn't like him)...

But if you like each other, you should date... you are throwing away someone you could potentially love so much... for such a stupid reason...

What do you guys think?


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  • Contrary, not dating coworkers is smart. If things do not work out, it can impact the professional environment at work and make things uncomfortable for other employees. It can bring drama into the workplace which distracts everyone from full focusing on their work. It's happened time and time again which is why most workplaces have a policy against those types of relationships.

    • Yeah that's true... but that can be true for just having feelings for a coworker... and sometimes you can't control who you fall in love with...

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    • It's time to move on and go forward with your life.

    • Yes, it is... But I keep getting into a cycle of this... right now I saw I'm okay... but in a few days I might be heart broken again

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  • I don't want to date my co-workers too because if we break up I think it's awkward

    • Just a date, yes some people get bitter and awkward... but dating a coworker both sides should be mature and I think would understand if things don't go well... don't take it personally...

      Things can get awkward even if you like a coworker...

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    • two co-workers that were dating but things didn't end well and they had to work with each other side by side and they would argue about their relationship so it was very unprofessional and awkward which made me think "ya I don't want that to happen to me" I would date a co-workers friend though

    • Thanks for mho

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  • It's not stupid. Nobody needs the extra drama.

    • But what if you really love her? and she likes you back too...

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