Guys, does it mean anything when he says he'll take you out for a birthday drink?

There was this cute guy that was two years younger than me in high school. I never asked him out in high school because of the age difference. Anyway, I graduated and never saw him again until recently, I saw him out at the bars one night. I sat and talked with him and we had such a fun deep conversation but it was all on a friend level. We're friends on Facebook, and a few months after that night at the bar, his grandma died. I messaged him about it and I started giving him advice and all. About a week or two later, it was my birthday and he said that he hopes I have a damn good day. I messaged him back saying that it was really sweet of him, and then he started going into this "thank you so much for all your great advice" talk and he just kept complimenting the way I'm a good listener and all. And then he said he wanted to take me out for a birthday drink when he has money. I don't know if that means anything along the dating lines or not, but I hope it does. Am I just getting my hopes up by thinking that? Does it sound like it's a date or does it sound like a friend thing? Be honest. Oh my sister made a good point, she said that he wouldn't have told me he doesn't have any money if he was trying to impress me. So I don't know, this sounds like a friend thing. But, if this at all sounds like he's interested in dating, please tell me how lol.


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