Is my friends with benefits starting to fall for me?

We started seeing each other in April, i met him through Tinder, and it was only in June when we decided to be friends with benefits.

There has been a lot of drama bet us for various reasons but what I noticed lately is;

- We go out on dates, we hold hands.
- Whenever I touch my phone, he thinks im chatting with a guy
- He didn't believe me that I was with my female friend the other night. He kept bringing up the guy whom I've slept with before
- He was arranging dinner with his friend (+ friend's gf) Im assuming here he wants to introduce me
- He asked my opinion about him moving to another flat

I feel like im catching feelings too but im trying to avoid it cause I feel he's not ready and i dont wanna get hurt.


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  • If he wanted to be with you exclusively, he would have told you so.