Raising another mans baby, would you do it men, and stand up to the plate, someone has to do it, if you reject a woman over it, you're not a real man?

Please check your male privilege, as a man we have it all and men can run away and not raise children and don't experience a lot of problems women do, so are you a real man? Or are you a judgmental boy?

  • Yes I will take responsibility
  • No i am a coward and sexist and am not a man
  • Women that want to see the poll.
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  • well I'm divorce and I'm not expecting any one to even be around my kids


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  • Wow this is a fantastically naive question !

    First, the baby daddy may still be a part of the kid's life as is baby daddy's family. This could lead to lots and lots of drama.

    If the baby daddy is out of the picture but is still alive, then he could come back at any point and we have more drama.

    If the baby daddy is dead then maybe. For instance my stepson is dead, but my grandson is being raised by another man which is fine and we get along well.

    • It is probably the toughest ask of someone.
      My boyfriend has been in my daughter's life since she was four months old, She's three and a half now. They adore each other. They are such a team. He's "daddy" to her & she is his in very single way except blood.
      When my ex partner and I found I was pregnant, he didn't want to know, and I didn't see or hear from him until just after her 2nd birthday, when he'd suddenly decided to change his mind.
      He put my partner and I through over a year of hell when he came back. He tried everything to push my partner out. We were in and out of court for most of that year, and I saw how stressful that was for my partner. He'd built this wonderful relationship with our daughter and along came this nobody demanding all his "rights". Rights that he shouldn't be allowed.
      My partner refused to back down though, he's still her dad, but it was really tough. It still is.
      It's not something you go into lightly & if you're in, you've got to be in all the way

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