Staying at my boyfriends house and we are currently sleeping in separate rooms. What do I do?

He has been tired and moody since the beginning of this evening. I understand he had a very long day and it was very hot outside.

I asked him if I could come over this afternoon and he said it was okay. Firstly he was ready to start an argument with me because I supposedly took a while to get ready and he had already arrived.

To be honest I don't feel like I took all that long and he admitted that him being tired made things worse. I apologised and he said it's okay he's just tired. We stopped off at a grocery store and I said I wasn't getting out the car and he made a big fuss about it (baring in mind he wanted to go shopping). I ended up getting out the car so he would stop moaning.

On the way to his house he tells me I'm staying over and he needs x amount of sleep before driving me home. I just said it would have been nice if he had told me this beforehand so I was prepared. Then I kinda forgot about it.

I sat on his sofa comfortably and after a while he joined me and we struggled to find a comfortable position. He was a little lovely dovey after he had freshened up which was nice. Eventually he fell asleep with his head crushing my boob and after a while it became really sweaty. I was uncomfortable and really bored after a while and couldn't sleep because he was snoring so loudly. I decided to watch some videos instead which woke him up and he had a go at me.

I didn't make a big deal out of the things he did that pissed me off, I wanted him to get some rest and hopefully wake up in a better mood. He slept on me for over an hour until I went to the bathroom.

As I entered the bathroom I heard him go into his room. I went back downstairs and he didn't come back. I'm sat in his living room and he's upstairs. I'm not even going to join him. I feel kinda sad that he left me all alone and didn't invite me Tbh.


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  • How long have you been together? When you're ready go upstairs and go to bed. I don't think it's a big deal but he should of just told you that he's too tired tonight.

    • It's been a month. That's what I'm thinking. He didn't once mention being tired today and I've spoken to him throughout the day.

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    • It worked out? So morning sex? :-P lol

    • Haha not quite sex but we did a little something :)

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  • That's not a big deal at all. He was probably expecting you to join him if you wanted to.

    • Yep he said he told me where he was going and expected me to join. I didn't even hear him. I joined him by about 4am though.