My brother is stuck between two girls. Katie or Rebecca?

My brother is 21 and he's been talking to this girl name Katie for about a month. They met at his job. He really likes her but she has a past for being with multiple guys at once. Katie is more out going and goofy than Rebecca. Rebecca is my brothers ex, they have recently got back in touch , she's more quiet and chill. They was together for 1 year but broke up due to her moving to another state. He still loves Rebecca & wants things to work between them since she is his first love but he also likes Katie , he always talks about how funny & adorable she is. I hate seeing my brother like this. He dont kno what to do.. I need u guys help in deciding what he should do.

  • Rebecca
  • Katie
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  • I say he should go with Rebecca because they only broke up over distance, not over bad experiences.


What Girls Said 1

  • It doesn't sound like Rebecca would work because of distance issues and they broke up (but it sounds like they ended on good terms) but he shouldn't go after Katie if he still has feelings for Rebecca and vice versa.

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