Is he just toying with me or has he changed his mind?

I'm 21 and in college. I met a guy over a dating app and things actually had went well at first. We snapchatted and texted before we met in person. When we finally met, things were really chill and we vibed really well. We made each other laugh and got to know some things about the other. We didn't hook up until the third date, but didn't go all the way. I was honest with how I'm still a virigin and he was really surprised. Long story short, after that our texting slowed down until he made it clear to me that he wanted to have sex. When I told him that I won't go all the way until I'm in a relationship with a guy or at least know that the guy really likes me, then that's when it's the time. He said he wasn't looking for a relationship but that he was surprised how maturely I was breaking it off with him. We both wished each other the best and that was it. It was 4 weeks until yesterday that we hadn't texted each other. Yesterday night he texted me asking how I was doing with my classes and work. He asked me out for coffee or drinks to "catch up," but that just confused me. He knows what I want since I kindly explained it to him, so does he think that I somehow changed my mind? What do you think his intentions are? My friends tell me that he might be just trying to change my mind about sex, or that I'm just an option. I just don't know anymore. Should I just be upfront and ask him through text why he wants to meet up again?


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  • Honestly he may be keeping you as an option or maybe he just wants to be friendly since you vibed so well. The best way to know his intentions is to ask him straight up about it thought

    • Okay... I want to text him asking him what is his reason for wanting to "catch up" but I don't know how to word it, without sounding desperate. Help?

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    • Oh okay! Thank you, this honestly helped and eased my nerves (:

    • You are welcome and I hope it works out for the best! Glad I was able to help and calm you down some

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  • That's exactly what he thinks. He didn't change his mind, otherwise he would have told you so. I think he's keeping you around as a last option whenever he has no other dates.

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