What is with all these crazy mixed signals?

I have been on two "dates" with a guy. He initiated both times. Once he met me and my friends at a bar and took me back home with him and his friends, and the next he invited me to a small group hangout at his friends house. Both times I spent the night with him, we cuddled, kissed, talked, and did everything but sex (he went down on me a lot I've always read thats a good sign?). In between hangouts he doesn't text me very much and I mostly text first, but he always initiates the hangouts. A few weeks ago I decided I had had enough of the mixed signals and I decided not to talk to him anymore. He asked me that same night to come hangout with him and his friends (at 9pm) and I ignored his text, he then called me twice and sent me a "?" text. I replied and told him I wasn't a booty call and was looking for something serious and that I found his actions disrespectful. (Nicely) He apologized. Since then he has texted me first a few times, and one night he even called but anytime I ask to hangout he is busy. He will text me and say "Hey gorgeous" randomly. Any time I ask to hangout and he can't he usually has a pretty good excuse and will say "I would gorgeous but I'm..." I hadn't heard from him in a few days and figured since he has been texting first lately I would text him... and no reply. He just isn't interested in me right? I need to move on right? I just don't understand why he will text me first randomly and say things like "hey gorgeous" and ask me to hangout if he isn't interested and I have told him I am looking for something serious? He has told me he likes me and said he isn't looking for anything casual and is always telling me he is a really good guy. Is he justing playing me? HELP!

Well he text me tonight and I ended up asking him what he sees this as and he never replied! sooooo clear cut sign! Just a booty call!


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  • he just keeping you on the side.. string you along.
    he makes lame excuses on your hang out suggestion. That's not good.
    He hasn't replied to your text. That's not good.
    Sounds like you were just a booty call to him and he lost interest. you deserve better


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