Girls, How do I develop a natural smile?

How do I develop a natural smile

I never smile when I look at people so I look pissed twenty four seven even when girls smile at me they get the same looking face. I don't smile because it's not a normal smile it's a dark creepy smile how do I develop a natural smile that would be welcoming to girls

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  • Practice in the mirror and use pictures of natural smiles as references to work with. I know what you mean though; i naturally have a resting bitch face so I kind of had to practice in the mirror. That reminds me: another thing you can try is trying to develop the feeling of happiness on command so smiling is a lot easier.. think about something funny or something that makes you grin

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    • wouldn't give up so easily; it takes time and practice just like anything else

    • Well like I said a lot of women smile at me or make eye contact with me a lot and I just have this cold look like I could be scaring off a potential girlfriend cause combine the frown with the fact I'm built and muscular

  • Lol. Another creep