How to ignore awkwardness at work?

So... I asked out a coworker... I shouldn't have done that but...

She said no...

Which is okay, but now things are super awkward between us...

Like she is super uncomfortable knowing that I like her... I don't really know why?

I even tried casually talking to her last week, and she didn't want to talk...

So I am leaving her completely alone now, but how can I ignore her and the tension... sometimes I feel like it's distracting me at work...


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  • Maybe she had feelings for you too but wanted to forget about it. Best to leave it alone...😔

    • That kills me that she had feelings, and I screwed up everything?

      What makes you say that?

      This is why I can't just move on.. It's hard...

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    • I feel your pain... But keep your head up and smile. Make the best out of it and enjoy your life. The first step will be to force yourself to stop thinking about it.

    • I keep thinking about it :(

      All day, and I even dream about her every night.

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  • Never get your honey where you make your money.

    • Okay but I tried... now what?

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